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Structured Sober Living Scholarship Application

For Massachusetts women seeking financial support through their journey of recovery.

About the scholarship application

Our scholarship program provides a woman with her first month's rent in a MASH-approved / Rise Again
approved sober house. When a scholarship is awarded, Rise Again works directly with the sober house.


The payment is made directly to the sober living organization with documented start and end dates. Rise Again has an application process for our scholarship program. Board members vet each application through references provided (i.e. case manager) as well as a call with the applicant. Applicants will only be approved to enter a sober living house that is MASH certified and "Rise Again" approved. Rise Again looks for women to follow a treatment plan that includes detox, rehab, and /or a halfway house prior to entry to sober living. The woman will receive up to a one-month scholarship that can be reviewed if needed.


Our vision is to help women overcome the financial burden of coming from treatment to sober living. The scholarship gives them a window of time to obtain employment and gain the ability to pay rent. The scholarship recipient is required "check in" after two weeks with an update to Rise Again.

Applicant Requirements

Please note that there are always exceptions and circumstances in which you may not meet
our criteria, you are welcome to email to learn more about the
scholarship requirements and any exceptions to the application process.
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