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Rise Above House Lynn


This week, Michaela Orourke, Melissa Micciche, and I visited with the Rise Above Women’s House in Lynn, MA. Thank you to Andrea and Nicole for inviting us to the house. We had a great time meeting some of the girls  and the opportunity to chat with them. We send strength and prayers to them as they work hard for their recovery. We hope our baskets provide a reminder to them that they are not alone in this ️

Here is a little about Rise Above House in Lynn MA

“Our calling is to provide a safe harbor from which re overlong individuals can heal and grow. It is our experience that those suffering in active addiction are wonderful people afflicted with a horrible disease. Addiction does not only ravage the lives of those who are actively using, but also the lives of those who love them the most. We believe that structure, support, and community programs are the vessels by which our residents return to the stream of life.
Our collective background has taught us that action steps are a necessary part of transforming into our best and most genuine selves. The Rise Above team is here to help residents take these action steps. We offer not only shelter from the storm but a framework intended to facilitate upward movement. One cannot board the vessel of recovery without taking the steps. We have crafted the ladder... and we are here to help you climb.”

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