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The birth of our foundation, Palm Desert Recovery Center, opened their doors in May of 2015 with one goal in mind, to provide our clients with a complete understanding of addiction, therapeutic healing, encourage to choose the path of recovery, formulate a strong foundation, and maintain long term sobriety.

The founder of Palm Desert Recovery Center built our philosophy off of 27 years of experience in the recovery field. This philosophy, simple yet challenging, defines a solid foundation of recovery as a combination of 12-step meetings, therapeutic support, life-skills work, a structured living environment and a disciplined desire to recover. This is a recipe for success to anyone who suffers from drug and alcohol addiction or mental illness.

Palm Desert Recovery is committed to helping every client understand that recovery is a lifetime commitment that is only achieved one day at a time. The tools that we teach at Palm Desert Recovery Center are simple, but have proven to be life changing when they are utilized on a daily basis.

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