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Rise Again: The Sabrina Best Scholarship Program

Twenty Two million Americans are currently suffering from a substance Use Disorder. Over twenty three million people are living in recovery. When you include their families, addiction impacts over eighty five million people. The recipient of this scholarship is one of those eighty five million. A person that will use their voice to end shame and stigma. They will use their experience to educate those around them.

2022 Dedication

$2000 - Male Scholarship 


In memory of Javi Jerez

A talented young man from West Hartford, CT. Javi had a passion for football, hockey, and lacrosse that he played throughout his life. He was a student at Michigan State University studying human capital and Society when his bright future was cut short from the disease.

$2000 - Female Scholarship 

Kristine P. Nikonchuk Obituary - Visitation & Funeral Information.png

In memory of Kristine P. Nikonchuk

A graduate of Shawsheen Technical High School, Kristine grew up in the town of Billerica and continues to be remembered by all her friends and family here.

How to Apply...

This scholarship is open to all Billerica Memorial High School and Shawsheen Technical High School seniors who will continue their education at an accredited certificate / trade / vocational program / or 2 - 4 year college or university

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