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Catholic Charities
Women's House


Last night, Michaela Orourke, Helen Barry, and I had the honor of touring Catholic Charities Women’s Recovery Home in Leominster MA. Thank you so much to Angelique Bodziak for showing us around. We dropped a few baskets for women in need and learned about an organization doing really good things to help women in the battle against addiction.
Angelique and her staff work with women dealing with both Substance Use Disorder and Co-occurring “Enhanced” Disorder. They program provides clients with not only a counselor but access to a staff psychiatrist as well. They have in house clinical group and self help meetings onsite.
Catholic Charities is an organization committed to strengthening families and serving individuals in need, regardless of racial, ethnic, cultural or religious origins, ability to pay, or mental, physical or developmental challenges. Rise Again is proud to support them 

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