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How are we Different?

We take immense pride in the fact that we have walked the path to recovery. We are a dual diagnosis treatment center for addicts, founded by recovering addicts. All of our staff members take great honor that we approach treatment planning differently from other treatment centers. Our foundation for our treatment planning begins and ends with the most crucial ingredients: love, empathy, and direction.

We provide and utilize other proven clinical and medical approaches and techniques to assist in recovery. Although there are many ways that Aftermath Treatment Center stands apart, we feel it is more important that we all stand together during your challenging time with either yourself or a loved one.

Why Choose Aftermath?

We would love the opportunity to treat and care for yourself or your loved one. All our staff have had personal, educational, and professional experience treating individuals with substance use disorders and mental health challenges. We understand that placing trust in people you do not know to care for yourself or your loved ones can be challenging. This is especially important because our loved one’s lives are on the line. Our staff hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards to ensure successful recovery is achieved. We also believe that it is imperative to include the client’s thoughts, opinions, and experiences in their treatment planning. It is not THEIR treatment plan or MY treatment plan; it is OUR treatment plan.

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