Crimson House

Rockland, MA

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Last night, Maryellen Tango-Yianacopolus and myself ( Heather Foley Cooper) had the honor of visiting Crimson House in Rockland, MA. Brenda Del Prete owned and operated a rest home in this beautiful house for many years. A business she had been involved in since she was sixteen years old. Brenda closed the rest home a few years ago looking forward to retirement. But instead, she reopened the house as a sober house for women. Brenda, like myself, has been through the pain and fear of watching a child battle addiction. I am so inspired by her (and all parents) who have taken their experience and use it to help other families on the journey to recovery.

We also got to spend time with Kristin Montella, Crimson House recovery manager. This house is very lucky to have her. As she continues to work very hard at her own recovery, she leads by example to help other women find their own peace and happiness in sobriety. Thank you Kristin for all the literature and training tools tou provided to help all of us at Rise Again to continue educating ourselves and others ️ And most of all thank you for all you do for women!

Crimson House is a MASH certified home located in a quiet and beautiful neighborhood of Rockland, MA. As we know, the transition from inpatient treatment to independent living can be challenging, Crimson House provides a supportive, structured environment. There is intergration with a 12 step program and participation in recovery socialization activities within the community creating a solid foundation for lasting recovery. If you would like to learn more about Crimson House, you can contact them at (781)878-7389 or